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Science of vaping marijuana oil & concentrates

Buy THC Vapes Online Paddington. Vaping and smoking both involve applying high temperatures to a material in order to cause it to transform from a solid or liquid into an aerosol, allowing it to be inhaled. The difference between vaping and smoking lies in how high the temperature is. At relatively low temperatures, molecules simply vaporize–changing from solid or liquid into an aerosol. If things are hot enough, combustion occurs. This causes the same molecules to not only vaporize but convert into other things (e.g. THCA → THC). It can also cause them to degrade into potentially harmful byproducts. When you smoke something by applying a flame or very hot heating element to marijuana, you’re inhaling a mixture of what you want (vaporized cannabinoids, terpenes, etc.) together with degradation byproducts. The vaporization temperature needed to make something inhalable depends on the specific molecule you’re talking about as well as the physical substrate it’s in. For example, the vaporization temperature for THC is different for dried flower compared to concentrated oil, and will also vary somewhat between different types of concentrates. In general, the temperature needed to vaporize THC and other cannabinoids in flower is lower, roughly 200 Celsius (392 Fahrenheit). Many vaporization devices for concentrates use temperatures ranging from ~220 Celsius at the low end up to 400 Celsius or higher (752 Fahrenheit). Concentrates are also often consumed using very hot heating elements, which involve combustion of the product. Buy THC Vapes Online Paddington

Let’s say you vaporize a cannabis concentrate at a relatively low temperature (<300 C). Will the experience be different than if you smoke the same amount of the same product, using very high temperatures where combustion is occurring? 

Yes. Buy THC Vapes Online Paddington

For one thing, the smoke arising from the combusted material will likely contain particles of a different size than vapor, affecting their ability to be absorbed in the lungs. In addition, much of the smoke (and therefore THC), will be lost to the environment. Every time someone coughs out or exhales a big cloud of smoke, they’re losing THC. All other things being equal, the smoke will contain less THC, simply because some of it will degrade into other things (which you will also inhale). In a 2018 study looking at the effects of smoked vs. vaporized marijuana flower, vaporization tended to produce higher levels of intoxication compared to smoking when the same amount of material was held constant. This was interpreted to mean that vaporizers are a more efficient way to deliver THC to the body than traditional smoked preparations. Buy THC Edibles Online New South Wales Australia

Consumers commonly report that the high from vaporized vs. smoked cannabis feels different, often preferring the subjective effects from smoking. Assuming this is true even when consuming the exact same amount of THC, what could explain it? One answer could be that marijuana smoke can contain many other things not found in vapor. One key difference between marijuana smoke and vapor is that smoke typically has higher levels of carbon monoxide, which “outcompetes” oxygen for access to red blood cells. This leads to mild hypoxia: less oxygen is delivered to the body’s tissues. In my recent conversation with Dr. Echo Rufer, a toxicologist at PAX, she hypothesized that the mild hypoxia associated with smoking may contribute to different subjective effects compared to vaporized cannabis, which some consumers might prefer. Further testing will be required to determine whether this hypothesis is correct. Buy Delta-8 THC Gummies Online New South Wales Australia

However, higher temperatures are more likely to generate more harmful thermal degradation byproducts. Best Online Dispensary In Australia

Flavor will also differ for vaping compared to smoking, and for vaping at one temperature vs. another. For cannabis, a lot of flavor comes from terpenes, small aromatic compounds found in many products. Terpenes vaporize at lower temperatures than cannabinoids. For this reason, the ratio of terpenes to cannabinoids will change across a range of vaporization temperatures. Lower temperatures will tend to have a higher terpene-to-cannabinoid ratio and more “terp flavor.” Whether this is desirable or not depends on your own taste. However, higher temperatures are more likely to generate harmful thermal degradation byproducts. If you’re using a temperature-adjustable vaporization device, it’s worth trying a range of temperatures to see how this influences the flavor and “smoothness” of the vapor. Buy HHC Gummies Online New South Wales Australia

Health risks of vaping vs. smoking

Assuming your marijuana product does not contain harmful additives and your device is properly designed (see below), vaporization will produce far fewer potentially harmful byproducts compared to combustion (smoking). The lower the temperature, the less likely it is that you’re inhaling things beyond what your starting material contains. Smoke is definitely more harmful than vapor in terms of the volume and diversity of potentially harmful compounds you inhale. Delta-8 Disposable Carts For Sale Online Australia

The composition of tobacco smoke has been intensively studied and over 90 harmful and potentially harmful constituents have been identified. This includes things like carcinogens, which is why tobacco smoking carries an increased cancer risk. Although nicotine is the psychoactive and main addictive component of tobacco smoke, it is actually the harmful byproducts of burned plant material that are responsible for tobacco smoke’s carcinogenicity. Buy Real PTE Certificates Online Safely

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