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Buy Davinci iq2 Vaporizer in Australia Buy Davinci iq2 Vaporizer online Australia  The Davinci IQ2 is the latest edition from Davinci and they have taken their overall quality to a whole new level. The build quality screams premium and it has performance and tech to match. The IQ2 isn’t a monster hitter but out of all conduction vaporizers, no one does it quite as well as DaVinci. Vapour is smooth and full of flavour and you can get very dense vapour for conduction vaporizer.

Adjustable Air Flow: New to the IQ2 is a very well crafted adjustment wheel that regulates the amount of air that flows in through your IQ2. Turning it down will ensure cooler vapour while opening it up will let the full performance of the davinci IQ2 shine with bigger draws.
Precision Temperature Control: Adjust your temperature manually down to the degree with pi point accuracy.
Smart PathTM: This is one feature that has carried over from the last IQ and is a feature that most will find very effective. This feature enables you to set a temperature path starting at a certain temperature then going up to what ever temperature you want. This is totally customizable and will give you the ability to take advantage of temp stepping without having to manually change the temperature while in session.

Buy Davinci iq2 Vaporizer in Australia Buy Davinci iq2 Vaporizer online Australia  Replaceable Battery: This is always a welcome feature for any vaporizer. The IQ2 utilises 1 18650 removable and rechargeable battery. Charging the battery is usually done while in the device using the included usb charge cable and can take up to 6 hours to fully charge. Just be aware you will need to plug your usb charge cable into a charger you already own. You can also charge the included battery in an external battery charger which will usually cut down charge times.
10 Year Warranty: Holly cow batman. This warranty will give you that piece of mind that you will have your Davinci IQ2 for a long time to come unless there is some of accident which is not covered.
51 Dimmable LED Display: The Unique LED display on the Davinci IQ2 show temperature, the length of your draw, your dose per draw, battery level and more. Buy Assorted Flavor CBD Gummy Bears 250mg

Premium Build Quality: No expense has been spared in the creation of the IQ2. The most important areas of any vape when it comes to materials is the herb chamber and vapour path. In the IQ2 herb chamber, you will find a glass-coated ceramic herb chamber. And the vapour path is entirely made of ceramic zirconia. One of the cleanest vapour paths on the market for sure.
Dried Herb & Concentrates: The IQ2 is best used for dried herb but can also be used with concentrates. This is done using the included disk and cotton pad inside the included dosing pod. Buy Pills Online Australia 

Adjustable Capacity: The Davinci IQ2 can hold up to 0.5g of dried herb and has an adjustable depth herb chamber so you don’t have to pack it full every time. This is done by spinning the zirconia ball in or out. This ball is located under the herb chamber lid and can shrink your herb chamber down to about 75%. Also if a smaller dose is what you are after the included dosing pod holds up to 0.2g. But you will find that you can generally pack any amount under 0.5 straight into the herb chamber just by packing it deep in the herb chamber.
Sub 1 Minute Heat Up Time: The Davinci IQ2 doesn’t have the fastest heat-up time but as a session style vape this is usually less of a concern as this is the sort of vaporizer where you really want to sit back and enjoy the session.
10mm Mouthpiece Connection: The IQ2 comes with 2 mouthpieces. The standard mouthpiece is flat and recessed into the body of the IQ2 while the included 10mm mouthpiece allows you to connect to most 10mm connections and is also a more comfortable mouthpiece when just inhaling directly from the IQ2. Buy Snowwolf Mini 100W TC Starter Kit
Included Buy Alice Brownies
1 x Davinci IQ2 (Black)
1 x Dosing Pod
1 x Silicone Dosing Pod Container
1 x 10mm Zirconia Mouthpiece
1 x Spare Stoking Tool
1 x Instruction Manual
1 x Ceramic Extract Disk
6 x Organic Cotton Disk
10 x Alcohol Wipes Buy Live Rosin Online